Turning Point USA to Host Voter Registration Drive

The Sam Houston State University chapter of Turning Point USA hosts a voter registration drive on Oct. 3 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the LSC mall area. The purpose of the drive is to register students to vote and to let them write on TPUSA’s free speech ball.

Turning Point USA is a non-partisan, non-profit activist group on campus. The members of the group have trained with Walker County in order to be able to register students to vote.

“The voter registration drive is a chance for students to get registered and motivated to vote,” TPUSA Treasurer Adreanna Mendoza said. “Voter turnout has been very low in Texas, especially amongst our age group, so we would like to motivate Sam Houston students to get out to the polls this November, no matter which party they vote for.” 

This is the first year TPUSA will host a voter registration drive, which is open to everyone at SHSU.

“Whether you’re republican, democrat, libertarian, when you vote, you know that you’re making a difference to have your voice heard,” said TPUSA President Dominick Hayes.

A continuing tradition for TPUSA is their free speech ball, originally a partnership with College Republicans, which students might have seen outside the LSC twice in the past.  Hayes says it is a fun way to advocate for free speech on campus.

“It allows people to come up and write what they want,” Hayes said. “You can talk about politicians, you can write your Instagram username, you can pretty much fill it with whatever you want. It’s just a fun way to remind people how important free speech is in this country.”

If you can’t stop by Oct. 3 to register, Walker County residents can always register to vote at http://www.co.walker.tx.us, or visit 1301 Sam Houston Avenue, Suite 114 for in-person registry.

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