Drake and Migos at Toyota Center Concert Review

The Drake and Migos Concert was one of the best experiences of my life. This was Drake and Migos’ second concert of their three-night Houston tour at the Toyota Center. If you ever attend a Drake concert, buy tickets for the floor. The experience is so much better than being in a seat. Also, wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing the entire concert. Trying to be cute with the tall heels like I did will ensure you will be out of them before the end of the night.

The opening act for Drake and Migos was Roy Woods. Roy Woods is a Canadian artist that Drake signed to his music label OVO Sound. He came on stage with a Houston Texans jersey because of the win they had against the Colts earlier that day. Roy performed some of his hits, “How I Feel,” “Get You Good,” “Jealousy,” “Drama,” and more. Roy Woods’ performance had a Canadian chilled-out version of trap-like R&B. It is very distinctive. 

Next to perform was the group Migos. The energy was electric as soon as they hit the stage. It was a party their entire performance. The Migos were dressed in colorful outfits as usual. The first song they performed was “Hannah Montana.” Quavo greeted Houston and looked around at the different sections to address the crowd. They wanted us to have a good time and turn up. Their next song was “Pipe It Up” and then “Fight Night,” which is one of my favorite Migos songs. Next they performed one of their most popular songs “Slippery.”  Quavo, Offset and Takeoff kept interacting with the crowd throughout the performances.

For the first act, they ended their set with the song “Ice Tray.” For Migos’ fans who listened to them before their fame, it was amazing to dance to some of their early songs. I first heard of Migos when I was in high school and now to see them perform live was great!

After Migos finished, DJ Durel played music for about 45 minutes as we waited for Drake. Then, the lights went off and the curtains began to come down, covering the stage. Drake went behind the curtains, creating a visual effect. He started with “8 out of 10” from his new album “Scorpion.”

As Drake rapped “Mob Times,” they showed a visual effect of red lighting and a pop-up of his face. After Drake finished the song, the curtains came up and the crowd showed him so much love. Drake said Houston is his home because this is where he started his music. It was obvious he loved the city and was grateful for everything the people of Houston have done for him. That night’s concert was special, so he wanted to show his appreciation. He said he had a lot of surprises for us that night.

Drake wanted to see which side of the crowd was louder than the other. On the right side, he performed “Jumpman” with red visual effects and even smoke and fireworks. For the left side, he performed “Both” with the same effects. During a part of his performance, small drones appeared above the stage. During “Yes Indeed,” the song in collaboration with Lil Baby, he brought a yellow Corvette onto the stage.

Aside from all the theatrics, the highlight was his performance of “November 18.” It is dedicated to Houston where and when he first made a mixtape. It was so amazing to see everyone in the crowd singing this song that will forever be a Houston tribute.

Afterwards, Migos came back to present their hit “Walk It Talk It,” featuring Drake. They also performed “Motorsport,” “Narcos” and “Stir Fry.” The curtain came down again and Drake sang “Don’t Matter To Me” featuring Michael Jackson vocals. As the curtains were coming up for his second act, Drake sang “Rock With You.” The song was dedicated to Michael Jackson. Female dancers appeared on the stage for “One Dance” and “Work.”

Drake kept interacting with the left and right side of the crowd making sure they were having a good time. He took a mini-break and allowed a fan to shoot a basketball into a hoop for a chance to win money. After three tries, the fan didn’t make the shot. Instead, Drake gave him a jersey and a hug.

Next was “Nice for What” and “In My Feelings.” Another highlight is when he brought Travis Scott out and they performed “SICKO MODE.” The crowd went crazy because no one was expecting Travis to be there. Once it was over, Travis stayed to play “goosebumps.” Then my favorite Drake song “Nonstop” came on. By then, my voice was almost gone because I had been screaming the entire night. As the night came to an end, Drake closed it with “God’s Plan.”

Overall, this concert was everything that I could want and more. Seeing Drake is always fun, but knowing he always goes above and beyond for Houston concerts is awesome!

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