Huntsville Public Library Hosts Free Spanish Lessons

The Huntsville Public Library hosts free weekly Spanish classes ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. Although the program spans 16 weeks, students eager to learn are encouraged to register throughout the semester depending on their knowledge of the language.

Instructor Beth Williamson aims to help those wanting to learn Spanish embrace the language and reach their goals.

“This class is usually adults, occasionally college students, but it’s mostly grown-ups who want to speak Spanish,” Williamson said. “We now have the evening class for people who work, but still want to come to class.”

She teaches a beginner level class every Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and intermediate level from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the library’s community room.

While the classes focus on learning Spanish, Williamson wants students to gain an appreciation for the language.

“The benefits of this class include an increased vocabulary, we talk a lot about traveling because I’ve been to Spain and I go to Mexico twice a year,” Williamson said.

Students taking part in the classes have their own reasons for wanting to learn Spanish through this program.

“You know, the bigger the world gets the more we need to know,” student LaDeanna Holcomb said. “So, I’m taking this class for myself, to be able to speak and understand what other people are saying. I just want to grow my horizons a little bit.”

The classes are designed to have a lot of speaking among students and little written work.

“It’s all oral, I don’t give any written exams because I promised myself I’d never grade another paper,” Williamson said. “If people get to the level where they’re proficient enough to read, I encourage them to read.”

Among the students in the beginner class, the main goal is to understand the world around them.

“I’m taking the class because I wanted to learn Spanish,” student Sharon Frey said. “It’s all around me and I want to be able to understand and communicate with anyone I’m in the room with as far as Spanish and English speaking goes.”

Along with learning Spanish, Williamson wants her students to learn about each other and make new connections through the program.

“I hope that people will get acquainted with each other and make new friends in the class,” Williamson said.

To register and learn more information about either class contact Beth Williamson at (936) 291-5471 or go online at Both classes are limited to 35 students and are free with all materials included.

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