Three Horse Tavern: Sitting on Opposite Sides of the Bar

Note: This post contains two separate articles with differing points of view about the same issue. The first is by contributing writer Ethan Eichhorst.

“This is the bar they were talking about?”

Yes it is, it’s the Three Horse Tavern, the pub so anticipated by Sam Houston State University students for the past year. Its colors neutral (other than the sacred orange), and its demeanor tame; the bar injects an element of class into the new LSC addition. But most importantly, the $3 price for a draft beer is especially appealing. It may not be cheap, like the recently deceased bar across Sam Houston Ave., but it is affordable.

On opening night, the bar was occupied by couples and people enjoying a brew alone. Even faculty and staff members were in attendance. In the hour or so that I was there, only one boisterous group of more than four entered, laughing hysterically and making fun.

This bar is not for yelling at your friends across the table, worrying about a ride home or needing to crawl yourself over to Oath Pizza or Steak ‘n’ Shake to make you, you again. This bar is for when you’re working on a thesis and another cup of coffee would make you shake, or when you’ve just got out of a concert or theatre performance at the performing arts center mere steps away. Its for subtle moments and joyful moments, moments of reflection and moments of relief.

Just outside the bar is the rest of the new Kat Klub, which features a bowling alley and large lounge couches amongst other things. The classy appeal of the tavern is constantly under attack by the deafening music and rambling people outside.

I have some recommendations. First, a wall and door going in, or at the very least a large curtain, to create a separation between these tame, respectful bar Bearkats and the wild, overly energetic Bearkats in the rest of the Kat Klub. Along with that, different music. I would love to hear jazz in the Three Horse Tavern, but would understandably settle for a mix of classic rock, blues, funk and soul.

Do not get me wrong, this bar is intensely simple, but it is quaint. The taverns simplicity, cleanliness and tame demeanor in no way encourages you to have six, but perhaps two. This bar yearns for moderation and a good time.

The following text is a separate opinion written on the same topic by contributing writer Marina Deleon.

Going off to college comes with stereotypes that most people just sweep under the rug; eating Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the fact that 8 a.m. classes are a real thing, and that alcohol use is the norm.

On Jan. 15, Sam Houston State University had its grand opening of the new Lowman Student Center (LSC) expansion. The big ticket items in the expansion include a few new dining spots, a bowling alley and, yes, a bar. The Three Horse Tavern to be exact.

While I do not oppose consuming alcohol, I do think that putting a bar steps away from impressionable and developing minds is a problem. A university is supposed to shape the minds of its students and not cause potential harm by exposing them to depressants and the possibility of addiction. There are so many gray areas that are involved with this new establishment: how will the university undoubtedly ensure that minors aren’t consuming alcohol, is there a cut off and what does the university hope to gain from this?

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately two-thirds of college students engage in binge drinking, where, by definition, they consume enough alcohol in a small window of time for the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) to greater than or equal to 0.08 g/dL. Binge drinking has many consequences, including declining academic performance, raised risk of physical and sexual assault, the possibility of dependence and even death. SHSU is now providing students with the tools required to binge drink.

The safety of students should be put first. With the installation of this bar, I’m not so sure that is the case. It seems like a misguided grasp at a way to have “cool points” compared to other campuses. This could compromise the safety of every student on campus because this will be new territory for everyone. There is no way to know how the tavern patrons will react. The safety of this campus and everyone that steps foot on it is not comparable to points on the coolness scale.

To some, Three Horse Tavern is going to be great. It will be a change of scenery from The Fox or Shenanigans. Though it will be busy for a while because of its newness and the ‘wow factor,’ it will still be worth it to some. To others, however, that come from families where alcoholism is present, it is a possibility that there is a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty.

The LSC expansion is a great new addition to this university’s attempts at modernizing the beautiful grounds of SHSU. Along with all the pros this expansion brings to SHSU, there are just as many cons— the new Three Horse Tavern being one of them. Jeopardizing the physical and mental well-being, as well as the safety, of the students on this campus is not worth any cool points or any money that will be generated by this new establishment.

Adding a bar on campus is, and was, a not-so-thought-out plan by the university.

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