‘Booyah!’ Disney Fails at Kim Possible Live-Action Movie

Swinging back into Disney Channel’s Original Movie series is none other than Kim Possible. This time, however, she’s in live action.

“Kim Possible” aired Friday starring upcoming actress, Sadie Stanley as Kim, and “The Goldbergs” star, Sean Giambrone as Ron Stoppable. A new and unexpected addition to the crime fighting duo is a shy teenager by the name of Athena, played by Ciara Riley Wilson, another upcoming actress.

The plot consists of Kim and Ron entering high school as freshmen and befriending Athena, a new member of “Team Possible.” They fight alongside each other to defeat the evil plans of Dr. Drakken and his trusty sidekick, Shego.

Upon hearing the announcement of the new movie, many individuals (including myself) who grew up watching the original TV show, were a bit on the skeptical side when watching the first trailer in December. Before watching the movie, I read some reactions from a mixed audience and what I found was interesting.

Many said it was spot-on in accuracy when it came to details and the story line, and were happy with the new changes made to the original characters. Others are calling the movie a “major let down.”

As for me, I have to admit that it was a hard pill to swallow. Having a live action movie made from one of my all-time favorite TV shows led me to have big expectations. I won’t lie, I was let down in some aspects regarding the story line, pacing, and character development.  I felt it was a hugely missed opportunity because there were some great moments that they could’ve expanded on.

For example, they could’ve tried to make Kim Possible more of a realistic teenager that just has an extraordinary quality about her when she saves the world. Instead, she seemed very un-realistic and tried hard to make everyone constantly see how great she is. There were times when the moves and flips that she did were a bit excessive.

When considering the story line, it was heading in the right direction but was a bit all over the place with how it made me feel about Kim, Ron and Athena’s relationship. The movie left me feeling aggravated and confused. Even though it was a low budget movie, it is still under the Disney brand which has produced far better original movies than this one on a low budget.

I honestly didn’t mind the effects at all because of the budget but the acting could’ve used more work and time to improve. It felt very rushed and unplanned, which left me begging for more of the story. Of course, the show did not meet my hopes or expectations.

I hoped that Disney would’ve proved me wrong in my assumptions, but it turns out that maybe some animations weren’t meant to be turned into a live action movie. However, I believe viewers should see it for themselves.

If you’re interested in Disney Channel Original Movies or maybe you’re just a fan of the original show, I recommend checking it out for yourself. You can go to disneychannel.com or you can purchase the movie on other platforms such as YouTube or Amazon Video.

As for this disappointment of a movie, I just have one question Disney, “What’s the sitch?”

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