First Annual Kat Kon at SHSU

Saturday marked the first ever Sam Houston State University Kat Kon comic convention held on campus in the Lowman Student Center.

Kat Kon is a student organization that got started about a year ago by their president, Maria Hendrickson. The founders of the organization started recruiting students and filling out the paper work last spring; they became an official organization this fall.

“Starting a new organization on campus felt like a big responsibility when it comes down to hosting a comic convention,” Kat Kon Social Media Director Zachary Nabors said. “The club was nervous about how it would go, and Kat Kon went great.”

Being a newer student organization, they faced many challenges, including the hardship of figuring out how to divide the work properly.

Junior Megan Pratt is the organization’s treasurer, as well as their panel coordinator. Pratt jumped at the idea of getting involved in Kat Kon because growing up in Bryan she was very familiar with Aggie Con, and wanted to help bring something like it here to Huntsville.

“It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun,” Pratt said. “I hope that everyone enjoys it.”

The event itself had a much higher turnout than expected, with 47 preorders and well over 20 tickets sold at the door.

The day started out with the option to play popular board games like Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Skulls, Code Names and Scythe— which were all taught and instructed by experienced gamers.

They also had student vendors selling post cards, drawings and homemade trinkets.

As the day progressed, Kat Kon continued with student panels discussing things like DC Trivia, The History of D&D, Star Wars Trivia, movies and more.

“As for another Kat Kon, we are wanting to host another one next year, make this an annual thing,” Nabors said.

The organization hopes that the event will become new campus tradition.

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