Prison City Film Festival Making Filmmaker Dreams Come True

The 2019 Prison City Film Festival (PCFF) was a four-day event held at the Old Town Theater for filmmakers to showcase their work and network.

When I first walked in the theater the audience was very few, but I assumed it was because it was the last day of the event. I sat in the very front, alone, and by the end of the first film the lights came on and I turned around to a room full of people. The screening lasted five hours and was followed by a Q&A session where the coordinators answered audience questions.

At 6 p.m., a VIP reception was held right around the corner at The Patio with the mayor of Huntsville, Andy Brauninger. Attendees ate and conversed while awaiting the upcoming award show. PCFF coordinators chauffeured attendees from the restaurant back to the theater where they walked the red carpet before entering the building.

I was able to meet some amazing people who traveled from all over the world and nation. There were a few Sam Houston State University students and some from other universities like the University of North Texas and schools in Dallas. Just about half were there for their first film festival and others on their 4ooth.

I met many actors and actresses, two of whom stood out to me by the names of Aric Cushing and Mark Allyn. They both have been acting for years and have a good streak of projects they’ve been a part of. There were some who were acting for the first time and some people who just came to watch.

The award show was somewhat like the Oscars in my opinion. They announced awards that were named after prison terms such as Correctional Officer Award, Sargent Award and Warden Vanguard award. Many of the same films won at least two awards and took home many in different categories.

After the event was over, they had an encore presentation of some of the films that won awards that night, and it was wonderful. The turnout for it being the second year was pretty good; hopefully the numbers will increase in coming years.

 Overall, I greatly regret missing the first three days of the excitement, but I was thankful to make the grand finale of it all. I highly suggest filmmakers, actors, actresses and anyone interested in the film industry to make next year’s festival. I promise it will be worth your time. Light Accent 6;

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