Library Starbucks Scheduled for Major Renovations

The Starbucks in the Newton Gresham Library will undergo renovations to turn it into a full-service café, rather than the existing kiosk. Construction is slated to begin later this year with a tentative completion at the end of 2020.

According to Sam Houston State University Marketing and Communications Public Information Officer Stephanie Knific, the renovations will involve extending the café further into the current library area.

“Specific renovations include expanding seating, creating more specific meeting and lounge seating and adding a barista station to accommodate more patrons,” Knific said.

The renovation and expansion of the Starbucks is estimated to cost around $1.5 million.

This, according to Knific, is “part of the larger plan to update the campus and meet the needs of our expanding student population while continually enhancing the student experience.”

Knific also mentioned the future remodel of the Newton Gresham Library 2nd floor. The estimated cost of the library model would be $15 million. The Starbucks renovation would complement the “major renovations” the library might see.

With the Starbucks remodel on the table, students and faculty have reason to wonder if they will still be able to enjoy their daily drink or snack from the establishment. Marketing Manager Laurel Stevens addressed those concerns.

“As far as we know, we will still be able to have hours of operation,” Stevens said. “They may be shut down for different time periods when ventilation is taking place, but as far as we know, we should be good to go.”

Specific changes, at this time, are not set. Until the beginning of the construction process, the Starbucks will remain open with its normal hours.

While the library Starbucks will be under construction, citizens of SHSU can rest assured that they will still have a place to get their Starbucks fix. The Starbucks located at South Paw on the south side of campus should have normal hours during the process.

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