Youth Showcases Artwork at WCFR

As part of the beloved Walker County Fair and Rodeo, the youth of Walker County gathered to show off their hard work and artistic ability by taking part in the fair’s art and crafts contest.

“We love to participate in the art show because it is tradition for HISD. We love to actively participate in the community rodeo,” art teacher Rachel Marino said.

Marino, who has worked at Scott Johnson Elementary for 18 years, starts preparing her students for the art show at the beginning of the school year. After practicing the basic elements of art, her students move on to creating western works of art.

According to the fair’s fine arts rules, all art must be “western” in nature, revolving around country life, wildlife, native plants and pieces symbolic to the “Old West.”

“Walker County Fair is a place where we have a lot of opportunities for all kids, so they don’t just have to show animals, art is a way that more kids and even adults can get involved and participate,” Co-Chairman of the Fine Arts Committee Stephanie Brock said.

Those who entered this year were judged on Friday night and rewarded with a first, second or third place ribbon. According to Brock, high school students involved in organizations such as FFA and 4H participate in an “auction eligible” category where pieces are judged on a slightly different level and winners of the category can sell their artwork at the fair’s premium sale.

“I love seeing the students’ faces when they create something that they never thought they could do and how you can teach the same lessons to all the students, but their art is all unique,” art teacher Becky Jensen said.

While there are guidelines teachers and students must follow when it comes to the art work, each piece is unique and leaves a lasting impression on the community.

“Having participated in the art show for many years, it allowed me to see how much the community cares about the youth, their interests and artistic abilities,” former Chairman of the Fine Arts Committee Jennifer Barnes said.

The pieces from this year’s art show will be on display at the fairgrounds until Thursday, March 28. Find out more about upcoming fair events and activities at

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