Madam President: Exclusive Q&A with New SGA President Amanda Lee

What are your plans after college?

“I have not landed on exactly what I want to do when I leave SHSU, but the opportunity to be president is something that I am able to gain experience from and could possibly shape my plans after college. I am amazed on how the right opportunities have crossed my path. I continue to have my eyes open looking for my path after college.”

How did serving as chief of staff last year help prepare you for being SGA President?

“Serving as Chief of Staff last year has prepared me for being Student Body President because I know how much work goes into the president position. I was able to see how administration works and how we are able to communicate that back to the students. It has been a blessing to have been in the chief of staff role, and I’m excited for how it will help me going into my presidency.”

How do you feel about representing SHSU as SGA President?

“As student body president, it is my duty to represent every student from all backgrounds of diversity. I plan on being more transparent with all students on how student government works and how they are able to make their voices heard.”

Who are the other members with you on the board?

The Executive Board for the 2019-2020 School year is:

-Chief of Staff: Jordan Johnson            

-Treasurer: Joshua Whitlock

-Secretary: Cherese Evans

-Vice President: Jaidyn Wilkerson

-President: Amanda Lee

What is SGA’s platform? 

“Our platform this year is similar to the platform we ran on last year. We decided to do this because these are things that are in the works right now, or things we have found to be successful, and we understand it is really important to continue to implement them. It is important that when an executive board starts something that could really improve student life that the next set of leadership tries to continue those efforts. That is exactly what we plan to do for this next school year with things like “Swipe out Hunger,” Bearkat’s United, Student Org Partnership and an overall transparency for students concerning things on campus.”

What specific goals do you want to accomplish with this position?

“During my term, I want to continue the strong legacy of leadership that has been passed down to me. Along with continuing the programs that SGA has initiated this year like Bearkat’s United, [we want to make] some new ones of our own.”

Why was running for SGA President important to you?

“It was an honor for me to serve last year, and I wanted to be able to put my own twist on student government. Plus, it’s an honor to be able to be the voice of the student body. I’m excited to be able to gain relationships with administration and students all across the university.”

How did you feel when you were elected SGA president?

“The three weeks of campaigning felt like a lifetime, but every minute was worth it. Seeing the results for the first time is the most exhilarating part. I was beyond ecstatic! At that moment, I knew that I had made my family and my friends proud.”

Is there anything that you are excited to start working on now that you are the new SGA President?

“Along with the many initiatives on our platform, I am excited to continue our work with Aramark to do a program called “Swipe out Hunger.” Swipe out Hunger is an initiative where students are able to convert their meal swipes into dollar amounts, so that each semester SHSU students are able to swipe out their remaining meal swipes to pool for an overall monetary value. Our overall goal is to donate the total dollar amount back to our SHSU Food Pantry.”

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