Phase Two of Lowman Student Center Construction

Sam Houston State University is currently working on completing phase two of the Lowman Student Center expansion and renovation project.

Although it seems the LSC has been under constant construction, Director of the Lowman Student Center Rob Webber explains the importance of the current project.

“I think that Sam Houston State deserves a renovated student center mostly because our students really need it,” Webber said. “This is our student’s living room on campus. The sole purpose of our facility is to cater to our students’ needs.”

Phase two of the renovation will touch all levels of the LSC.

Level one will be equipped with four new meeting spaces and a lounge area where the old Kat Klub stood. The space adjacent to the Paw Print area and connected to the new atrium will be opened through the center part of the building, allowing for higher traffic flow.

Level two will contain a new bookstore on the east end of the building near where the art gallery used to be. The center area facing the plaza in the mall area will house the new Student Activities office.

The updated second level will also contain a new Starbucks and convenience store. All of these features will have a primary connection to level two of the atrium, enabling patrons to easily walk from the parking garage to the mall area.

The front of the building by the mall area will feature two new entryways with another glass-encased lounge.

Level three renovations will consist of a complete revamping of all existing offices as well as continued updates to the meeting rooms and public spaces. The Student Money Management Center will be moving into these new offices.

Webber is certain that the new LSC will revolutionize the student experience.

“I think we have created an engaging space,” Webber said. “I think we have created a welcoming space. It’s certainly a lot fresher than it was. If that’s all we’ve checked off the box then I think we’re moving in the right direction, but I think we’ve done more than that.”

Student organizations who have lost their meeting rooms during construction should visit the LSC reservations office. The reservationist will work with Academic Affairs to find you a new spot in an academic building on campus.

Construction is expected to be complete in the summer of 2020.

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