Glitter Litter: Stop Polluting Our Campus

In light of Sam Houston State University’s new “Glitter is Litter” campaign, it is time to address a campus problem honestly, openly and bluntly.

Graduates taking photos blowing glitter into the camera is a popular trend here at SHSU. A part of this trend seems to be also leaving that glitter on the ground for birds to choke on and maintenance to stress over.

Bearkats, you are grown. Bring a broom to clean up the glitter, or cut it out.

I know all the graduates have worked their tails off to be where they are, and I respect that so much. These same graduates lose my respect when I see piles of shiny plastic on the school grounds.

There are men and women who work tirelessly to keep this campus clean, only to have a few careless students pollute it for a lackluster photo to post on Instagram.

Bits of colored plastic on the beautiful grounds of SHSU not only cheapens the aesthetic of the university, but causes environmental issues. When the bits of glitter are ultimately washed down storm drains, they become something known as “microplastic.” According to, microplastic are a subset of marine plastic litter.

This microplastic is then consumed by plankton, fish, seabirds and other marine life. Animals have been found with stomachs full of glitter, causing them to die of starvation.

There are a multitude of less-harmful things you could do for your graduation photos that don’t involve degrading the environment around you. And, if you must throw your confetti or glitter or what have you, take a broom and pick up after yourself like you were taught to in kindergarten.

Those graduating from SHSU should take pride in their school. Polluting the campus is a funny way of showing your school pride.

The next time you’re out taking photos with your friends, family or photographer, try to keep in mind how damaging this small action actually is. It’s great to celebrate this campus, but we should try to find ways that don’t involve harming the local animals.

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