How to Survive Finals Week


Finals week is stressful, so don’t wait until the last minute to study. Professors will sometimes give hints about the final, so listen and take notes. Host a study group with peers before the test so if you don’t understand something, you can ask and get help. Organize your notes and highlight key points and information you know that will be on the test. If your professor shares their lectures and notes, use them. Overall, start early so you don’t cram the night before the exam.


Do not overwork the week before or during finals; take time for yourself. Hangout with friends, watch a movie, take a long shower— whatever helps you relax. If you feel like you could explode with information, put all of your notes and study guides away for a little bit. Out of sight, out of mind. Get a breath of fresh air by taking a walk, going to the duck pond, going hiking, sitting outside or driving with your windows down. One tip given by a professor was to put a piece of candy in between notes or a textbook. That way when you reach a certain page you can reward yourself and take a small break. Just don’t cheat and take all the candy out.


Take it day-by-day by mapping out when each test is and scheduling when you will study for them. Write down if you work and any other events you have that week. Students often neglect their own needs during finals week by overworking and piling too much on, so make sure to get enough sleep and eat properly. It’s also suggested to exercise to combat stress and anxiety; just don’t pull a muscle. Once you have finished taking all of your tests, reward yourself. You will survive finals week!

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