Construction Obstruction: Incomplete Complex Delays Move-in

Future residents forced to find other accommodations; spokesperson declines comment (Photographer: Hallee Atchley)

Staff writer Katy Hills also contributed to this article.

Some students have found themselves displaced this semester after local apartment complex Haven at Main, also known as Haven at M, failed to complete construction in time for move-in.

Students that already signed a lease received an email from the complex on Aug. 7, giving them two options: find their own accommodation until further notice, or Haven at M would reserve a bed space for them within close proximity. 

The bed space, however, would only be reserved if residents replied by noon on Aug. 12, giving them five days to figure out where they would live until construction is complete.

In the email, Haven assured that those who chose to take the reserved bed space would not have to pay rent until November. Those who found another accommodation will not have to pay rent until January 2020. 

“The apartments not being ready by the start of school isn’t just a minor inconvenience,” future resident Jason Mercado said. “It jeopardizes one of the five essential necessities of life which is a place to sleep. I’ve been sleeping on the floor of my friend’s apartment just to save an extra thousand dollars.”

According to residents, construction updates were not sent regularly as promised in the original email. An update was sent out last Thursday, a day after the Houstonian reached out to Haven’s corporate office for comment.

The email stated, “At this time we are still waiting for an approved move-in date from the City of Huntsville, but as soon as the information becomes available to the front office, we will surely share that information to all of our residents.”

It went on to say that significant construction progress has been made, in particular to the first three buildings. It said that countertops, tile and cabinets had been installed and flooring and appliance installation is expected for next week.

The email then proceeded to say that Haven would be sending out another update early next week with additional information on construction progress and potential move-in dates.

There is no official word as to why construction was not completed in time for student move in, and Haven at M declined to comment on the matter.

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