On-Campus Ordering Apps Merge, Grubhub Reigns

Miranda Martinez

Starting this semester, the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering service—Grubhub— has merged with Tapingo to give students a mobile way to order food on campus.

“Students can now use Grubhub campus dining to order from their favorite on-campus restaurants and stores, and can even pay using their campus cards and meal plans,” Grubhub Corporate Communications Senior Manager Katie Norris said.

Tapingo arrived at Sam Houston State University about a year ago and brought with it the options to order ahead of time from their favorite restaurants on campus like Chick-fil-A, Steak ‘n Shake and Starbucks.

Since Grubhub merged with Tapingo, users can use all of the old features plus a few more. There are options to order food from off-campus restaurants. Students can get real-time updates, pick up their orders on the way to class and pay with either their meal plan, bank or campus cards.

Each on-campus restaurant on Grubhub advertises “no minimum, no fee.”

“Because Grubhub is always working to keep fees as low as possible, students are likely to save money by ordering through Grubhub versus other delivery apps,” Norris said.

Grubhub campus dining is accessed through the Grubhub app. In the app, users should select My Grubhub > Settings (gear icon) > Campus dining. Then select SHSU from the “Find Your Campus” menu.

Grubhub’s on-campus service hours will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Students should check the app for availability.

“Available now through Grubhub, students and faculty can access more restaurants than ever before, both on and off campus. This includes all of the on-campus dining locations previously available on the Tapingo platform,” Norris said.

While delivery from campus restaurants is not yet available, it is currently available for some off-campus restaurants through the Grubhub app.

For more information about this merger, contact Dining Services at shdining@shsu.edu or call 936-294-1914.

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