Haven at M Construction Delay: Passing the Blame

Photographer: Hallee Atchley

Haven at Main apartment complex remains unfinished, but the project is still somehow kicking up some dirt.

Director of Development Services for the City of Huntsville, Kevin Byal, explained how a statement given to residents contained misleading information about the construction project.

An emailed statement to Haven residents said, “At this time we are still waiting for an approved move-in date from the City of Huntsville, but as soon as the information becomes available to the front office, we will surely share that information to all of our residents.”

Byal explained that Haven’s comment does not accurately reflect the city’s role in this or any other construction project.

“The City of Huntsville conducts inspections on the work that is performed to assure that the project is being built in compliance with the adopted construction codes of the city,” Byal said. “It is the contractor’s responsibility to request inspections of their work prior to it being concealed or covered.”

In other words, the contractors establish the schedule and pace of the project, and the city does not. The reason Haven cited the city as a hold on the project is unclear.

“If a project is running behind their established schedule, due to inclement weather or other factors, the city will do everything within our abilities to help facilitate getting the project back on schedule by shifting additional inspectors to the project,” Byal said.

Byal also mentioned that no final inspections of the complex had been scheduled (as of Sept. 16), which is usually a sign that the project is not nearing completion.

“To date we have conducted inspections as they are requested and have not been advised by the contractor that they are in need of expediting the inspection process,” Byal said. “So far the contractor has not requested any final inspections which indicates that they are not ready.”

The Houstonian will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds.

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