SHSU Continues to See Steady Rise in Enrollment

Student enrollment at Houston State University continues on a steady incline. This semester, 21,000 students are enrolled at SHSU which is a 1.66% increase from last fall.

SHSU’s enrollment numbers have been on a steady rise for several years. According to Vice President for Enrollment Management Heather Thielemann, new student enrollment increased 2% from last fall.

SHSU’s biggest draws in enrollment are credited to the
criminal justice, education and business programs.

“Varying increases over the past decade can be credited to the programs offered here, affordability, location, online presence and ability to transfer,” Thielemann said.

Cost has also played a big factor in students choosing to attend SHSU. According to Thielemann, SHSU, on average, is $2,000 less than the average public institution cost of attendance in Texas.

In addition to its relatively low price point, SHSU also has a diverse student body.

“One of the largest diverse groups is first generation students,” Thielemann said. “What’s drawing them here is academic support services and financial support services.”

With a growing student body, SHSU has been continually expanding to fit the needs of its population. Some recent additions include the Art Complex and Lowman Student Center expansion. Ongoing projects include further Lowman Student Center renovations and the construction of a new parking garage by Johnson Coliseum.

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