Office of Health Promotion Launches Elevate Initiative

This week marks the launch of a campus-wide health initiative called Elevate. From Sept. 30 through Oct. 4, there will be events aimed at teaching students the key elements of health and wellness, along with providing them opportunities for prizes and free food.

The initiative’s mission is “To create a healthy campus culture and environment at Sam Houston State University through collaboration with campus and community partners on programs, services, and initiatives that address all dimensions of wellness.”

The information used to determine the focuses of the initiative came straight from student, faculty and staff results on the National College Health Assessment survey, according to Associate Director of the Office of Health Promotion Megan Richardson.

In the survey, the two issues that presented themselves at the top of the list of health concerns at SHSU were stress and anxiety.

“I always feel like it is hard to know what you need to plan if you don’t know what the issues are,” Richardson said. “When we have the numbers, we can justify what our initiatives are.”

Richardson is hopeful that this event reaches every type of person on campus.

“We’re really hoping that this initiative doesn’t just target the students, we want to include the faculty and staff in it as well,” Richardson said.

Elevate is supported by several departments on campus including the Office of the President, the Department of State Health Services and the Division of Student Affairs.

The first event scheduled is a Rec Recess. For More information about Elevate week visit

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