Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spotlights Prevention

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According to The World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

Women of all ages can be diagnosed with breast cancer. The mentality that only older women can get it can prevent some women from conducting self-examinations or going to see their doctor, leading to cancer going undetected.

While there has not been a cure discovered yet, there are plenty of ways to detect and help prevent breast cancer.

Self-examination is one of many important things that women can do to help monitor their risk of getting breast cancer. By utilizing resources online, as well as asking a doctor, women can know exactly what to look for when doing a self-exam.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence. With advancements in medical treatments, many women survive breast cancer and go on to live productive lives.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including daily exercise, getting plenty of rest and having a good diet can lower some women’s risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

There are many breast cancer organizations across the country that have a variety of resources and services specifically designed to help women who may not be able to see a doctor.

An organization in Texas called The Rose uses a mobile mammography service to reach women who need breast exams. By going out in the community, more women can be helped and given the opportunity to obtain more regular health screenings.

Different ways for people to help spread awareness about breast cancer include encouraging friends and family members to get an annual exam and mammogram, hosting fundraisers with friends or family or donating money to help fund research or to help women pay for breast cancer services.

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