Namaste in Rec Class: Q&A with Rec Center Yoga Teacher

Photographer: Rachael Forbes

Recreational Sports at Sam Houston State University plays a significant role in the health and wellness of students, staff and faculty involved within the college.

The purpose of Recreational Sports is to assist the college community with a wide variety of skills such as relaxation and socialization with other people. These skills develop while meeting a person’s competitive and recreational needs.

A major part of these activities are fitness classes where students can try an array of different workouts and training styles.

One class that has been successful is yoga with Samarah Zamora. Yoga is defined as a system of physical postures, breathing techniques and sometimes meditation used for relaxation

At 7:15 p.m., Zamora’s class is filled with students looking to better themselves through yoga. After class, she took some time for an interview.

Q: How do you set the mood for students in your class to make them feel comfortable?
A: As a Rec employee, we like to encourage everyone to come get active and get involved. Through that, all of our group fitness classes are catered towards beginners, intermediate and even sometimes advanced people. We actually did that by how we changed the group fitness passes. So now in class I can see who all started out as a beginner and how much they have the progressed. We cater to the individual, so you’ll always feel welcomed.

Q: What do you want or hope people will take from this yoga class?
A: In my yoga classes, especially, people come to relax. It’s really just a class where people can get either a lot of relaxation, or a good workout. Some people just come for the meditation portion of it. Overall, I just hope people get what they specifically came for.

Q: Why should people be interested in taking classes here at the Rec Center?
A: A lot of people think the group fitness classes are only for beginners or maybe they’re not inclined to do them because they know how to do their own workout. They’re really fun to do with partners and the group system. I’ve personally seen some really good friendships come from these classes. Not only is it a really good workout, but you get to meet a lot of new people in the process. It’s also very time friendly. I like to encourage people who are a little bit timid to take classes, to go in full-force. We’re not here to judge you, were here to help and make you comfortable.

Q: Besides yoga, what are some other Rec classes or activities students should take here?
A: All of our group fitness classes are there to encourage everyone. We have dance classes, strength team classes, the weight room and many other options you can choose from. Another great activity is the lovely rock wall. Even if it’s not something you’re used to or know a lot about, anything at the Rec Center is great to get involved.

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