Coming Home: How Our Sense of Community is Built by Homecoming Celebrations

Photo Courtesy Tyler Josefsen

When I was in high school, homecoming was all about students going to a formal dance, finding out who among their peers would become king and queen and who would win the big game. After being in college for a few years, I’ve noticed that homecoming is noticeably different than what happens in most high schools and I think that’s what makes it unique.

Homecoming is something that everyone should participate in. It not only brings everyone together, but I find that it’s also fun to take part in all the activities.

The way homecoming is promoted in college can sometimes be silly, but it’s all in good fun. If you really think about it, who would want to go to homecoming if it looked boring? Probably no one.

I’ve got to admit that I never really got the point of having homecoming when I was in high school, but now I do. I think that it’s good to participate in events such as tailgating at the football game or going to the alumni gala, it lets you get to know people you haven’t met before while also having a good time.

I think it also gives students a chance to have fun and helps momentarily relieve them of any stress that is caused by their schoolwork, because at this point in the semester we all need a break. Having school spirit is fun, and if you don’t participate at least once while you’re here then you’re missing out.

In addition to the celebrations of homecoming, it’s also really intriguing to be able to talk to and meet with some of the alumni who come to these events. It gives us a new perspective on how life is outside of college. It can help shape us into better people and might even help us once we graduate.

Voting for homecoming king and queen is important for some people during this time. I think it’s fun to participate and vote for king and queen, but I never take it too seriously. I usually scroll through the candidates that are listed, read their information to connect with them, cast my vote, and then check later to see who won.

I think that giving people a chance to win something like this can be exciting. In my opinion, it seems remarkable to win homecoming king or queen because you get to be crowned during the game itself in front of a huge audience. I also feel like it brings recognition to some of those people who otherwise may not be given a shot in the spotlight.

Homecoming is widely popular and should continue to be a beloved tradition at Sam Houston State University. It consists of enjoyable events for current and former students to participate in and gives others the opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate being a Bearkat.

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