Trick-or-Treat Yourself to Stay-at-Home Festivities

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Halloween tends to introduce a thrilling source of celebration with lively festivities and spookiness. From the traditional trick-or-treating to facing your darkest fears attending a haunted house, this season introduces a plethora of creative activities that could be done at home if you plan to stay in for the night. Gather up a bowl of candy, unapologetically thrive in your decline to be adventurous and keep these ideas in mind for this spooky season!

1. Dare I say… binge-watching?
We’re constantly warned of the dangers of endless binge-watching, but maybe we can get a pass for Halloween night. Whether alone or inviting a couple of friends over, grab a soft blanket, dim the lights and take a spooky scroll down Netflix’s or Hulu’s horror section.

If you’re not into the entertainment on there, YouTube’s endless portal of videos could possibly influence your next watch. From the YouTube gaming world with gamers such as CoryxKenshin and POiiSED celebrating horror content by reacting to multiple fright-filled short movies, to story-telling accounts uploading countdowns of fictional and non-fictional terrifying tales, the options are endless.

2. Host your own horror-filled party.
A party’s definition could range extensively in this option! Whether you’d like to keep it simple and spooky or wild and bone-chilling, this is a perfect opportunity to customize Halloween into your own version of fun. To further the excitement, maybe integrate a costume contest into the festivities and supply a near-endless amount of food. The idea unveils an opportunity to engage in activities that will create a night that you and your guests will never forget.

3. Revitalize your home with decorations.
Halloween’s mysterious ambiance can serve as the perfect muse for decorating your space. Let your imagination innovate ideas that will get you in the spooky spirit! Fake gravestones, spider webs, bats, jack-o’-lanterns, inexpensive window stickers and many more decorations could zestfully drown your home in celebration.

4. Cook that recipe you’ve been wanting to try.
Food, especially sugar, has become a tradition almost synonymous with Halloween. Recipes and sweet delicacies thoroughly decorate aisles in major stores to increase the holiday spirit, and with social media filled with food content for every occasion, it’s possible to find a recipe that’ll not only rivet your creativity, but also keep you occupied. Bake a candy cake or cookies and decorate them with details that will provide a spooky aesthetic. Don’t worry, no one said you had to share with guests or trick-or-treaters. Dig in!

5. Create your own Halloween themed escape room.
Escape rooms thrive in the idea of teamwork accomplishment and solving challenging puzzles to successfully escape a mysterious mission. Though many of these adventures aren’t tantalizingly scary in spirit, you could intertwine Halloween into your own customized blueprint of an escape room! Invite friends or family to act as supporting characters in your mission and seamlessly beautify your home to drive inspiration to the storyline. Make sure your riddles and puzzles properly work to accommodate your space, and most importantly, have fun!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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