Students Weigh in on the New Kanye West Album ‘Jesus Is King’

This past weekend Kanye West released his first gospel album titled “Jesus is King” on all major music platforms, accompanied with a screening that only premiered in IMAX theaters across the nation.

Because of his newfound faith, many people had mixed emotions about the album. Some called it a 2010 “Kidz Bop” gospel album and others called it innovative. As many of his fans are confused, a lot are following his footsteps into Christianity.

I unfortunately was not able to watch the visual that only premiered over the weekend, but he did live stream his Sunday Service where his choir performed a few songs from the album. I personally have not ever really been a fan of Kanye, but this album is actually really good.

The whole change of seeing Kanye go from narcissistic behavior to being completely humbled and vulnerable is actually kind of strange, especially because of the short amount of time he’s transitioned. Most people know that he comes from a church background, but some find themselves confused as just earlier this year he was shaking hands with Trump and talking about why slavery was a choice.

We talked with a few students at Sam Houston State University to get some insight on how they’re reacting to the new album.

Bertrand Best
Film major

“I listened to it the day it dropped. All of his music is storytelling, you could possibly relate to him in certain moments. Very enjoyable.”

Ayana Duncan
Mass communication major

“I don’t really listen to Kanye’s music, but I would listen to the album.”

Makayla Evans
Sociology major

“It was a pretty good album. Different Kanye, but good album.”

Breeana Kwankwo
Chemistry major

“It was awful. One of the worst albums he has put out. He needs to figure out his life before he comes out with anything else.”

Terry Dicks Jr.
Film major

“The production was good, but he did not dive deep into the subject of religion the way we know Kanye to get deep.”

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