Disney Plus Surpasses Expectations with 18 Million Subscribers

courtesy of digitaltrends.com

With an endless supply of all the “happily ever after” moments we dream about, the Disney Plus streaming service has not disappointed fans. With Disney’s library all gathered on one streaming service (this includes Disney properties from Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic). Disney Plus surpassed 10 million subscribers on its launch day Nov. 12.

It was supposed to only hit 10-18 million within its first year, not its first day. The service hasn’t hit any major snags since its debut, other than the usual performance lag that results from millions of people streaming it all at the same time.

Considering the fact that Disney now owns Hulu, the new streaming service does not generally have any real competition other than Netflix. However, Netflix is making a strategic move by collaborating with Nickelodeon to offer Nickelodeon content that will mirror what Disney Plus provides.

Netflix will put all the new and old content produced by Nickelodeon on their streaming service, offering shows like “As Told by Ginger,” “All That,” “Rocket Power” and more. They also plan to create original content such as a new “Spongebob Squarepants” spinoff.

It will be tough competition between the two servers once Netflix has completely obtained all of Nickelodeon’s content. Especially given the fact that all of the shows and movies produced by the entertainment giant will have to complete their previous agreements with other contractors. Disney also has titles under their belt that have yet to be released from their previous business deals.

Disney may raise the monthly fee after their first year of service due to the influx of new content that will be available. Hopefully they keep their audience in mind due to the fact that there are already multiple streaming services on the market.

How long the hype for Disney Plus will last seems unsure, but it is exciting. This looks like the start of something new in the streaming service world.

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