City Manager Provides Update on Construction

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The City of Huntsville has been working on different construction projects all over the city limits from business to bond projects.

City Manager Aron Kulhavy said the city is doing major renovations on the water system. The project will improve the water pressure and take care of all of Huntsville’s water needs for the next 10 years through waterline improvements in different locations and a new water tower on Veterans Memorial Road.

Fire Station 2 will be under construction this year and will keep its location next to The Armory apartments.

City projects are not the only construction in Huntsville. New businesses and apartments are being built around the city.

Some commercial projects that have been approved for construction or have already started construction are Chick-Fil-A, Freddy’s Steakburgers and Pizza Hut. Chick-Fil-A had its project approved, so the city is just waiting for the business to pick up the permits to build. Kulhavy also said Freddy’s Steakburgers should be open within the next 30 days or so.

Residential construction projects around town include Sterling Union, Haven at M and 1400 Cubes. Apartments around Huntsville are only allowed to build where there are no residential neighborhoods. The city makes sure that apartments are livable before move-in by checking parking, sewer, electric, water and that roads can handle the traffic. With the apartments getting taller, the city requires them to have a full sprinkler system throughout the building in case of fires.

Kulhavy also touched on the construction that Interstate 45 has been under. With several different phases before construction can be completed, citizens of Huntsville will have to be careful driving around the construction on the roads.

“First phase is near completion, which takes it from the south side of town down to the county line that will wrap up within the next year to 18 months, and then right before that project finishes the next phase will start that will widen the interstate through the City of Huntsville,” Kulhavy said. “You can just plan on the interstate being under construction until 2027.”
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