Here’s the Beef: Editors Pick the Best Burger in Town

Mason Storrs
Campus News Editor

Mason: While Huntsville stands out to me as a haven of good hamburgers, I have to go with Humphrey’s as my favorite. If you can pair huge juicy burgers and several topping options with great people and TouchTunes jukebox playlists that will keep you singing along all night, what’s not to like?

Amanda Raaska
Community News Editor

Amanda: My 1st choice for burgers in Huntsville is Mr. Hamburger. Anyone can enjoy the classic diner atmosphere with burgers that fill the stomach with original American cooking. As someone who grew up in a foreign country, this is what I imagined all American diners would be like.

Jacob Courtney
Opinions Editor

Jacob: My pick for the best burger place will be Mr. Hamburger. Good food for an affordable price with a nice 50’s theme to it. Whether you want a burger with all the meat you can handle or with some great guacamole, this is the place for all who love the classic food done right.

Tyler Josefsen
Sports Editor

Tyler: This might seem basic, but I’m nominating Whataburger’s Breakfast Burger (minus the creamy pepper sauce).
Hashbrowns, check.
Egg, check.
Bacon, check.
Burger, check.
Who doesn’t love a burger you can eat in the morning?

Ariole Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ariole: This is actually my least favorite but only option in Huntsville: Five Guys. The flavor is really nice and the fact that you can put anything on it and it still tastes good is great. My biggest issue is that they wrap the burgers in foil so it gets all soggy and wet and I like my buns moist but not THAT moist.

Sharon Raissi

Sharon: This argument has caused a rift in the newsroom. I vote for no burgers and world peace. Also the beef industry is highly corrupt. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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