Huntsville Hotspot: Backstage at Old Town Theatre

Photo by Chelsey Norton

Huntsville’s Old Town Theatre, also known as the J. Philip Gibbs, Jr. Centre for the Performing Arts, is a historical non-profit community theatre that is located in the heart of downtown Huntsville. The theatre is currently led by the President of the Friends of the Old Town Theatre Lauren Edwards.

“The theatre was started by my parents, and I want to honor them by continuing the theatre, also honoring the Huntsville community and providing opportunities to let people perform and express themselves at the theatre,” Edwards said.

The Friends of Old Town Theatre was first organized in 1997 with the intent for the restoration and reopening of Huntsville’s Old Town Theatre. The theatre back in its early years served as a downtown movie theater. Today, the theatre serves as a host of performances for the Huntsville local community.

Old Town Theatre also provides opportunities to theatre students at SHSU through the Law, Engagement and Politics (L.E.A.P) Center. The Old Town Theatre has also open up its doors to host SHSU’s Film Festival in the spring and is currently working with Project Sunshine for a future event.

Along with its many projects, the theatre has recently partnered up with C2 Entertainment. Clay Coursey and his wife Christine, run C2 Entertainment and help bring in even more music and artists into the theatre. C2 Entertainment has also helped install new stage lights and sound for the old theatre.

“We really want to help and support community services like Old Town Theatre, it is rich with history, and we really just want to see it shine and be a community spotlight.” Clay Coursey said.

One of the upcoming events that C2 Entertainment has helped the Old Town Theatre bring is the Jan. 25 event featuring Cody Canada and The Departed. C2 Entertainment has more events planned throughout the year on the Old Town Theatre website, such as performances by Gene Watson and even Johnny Lee.

For more information about the Old Town Theatre and its upcoming performances, visit

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