Exclusive Interview with Contestants of the Miss Sam Houston 2020 Pageant

When asked about their social impact initiative, here is what the contestants had to say:

Madyson Smith
Miss Delta Tau Delta – Freshman 
“My social impact initiative is ‘Sexual Assault Survivor Support.’ Many don’t think they are valuable after trauma, so I want to be a role model for those I counsel.” 

Katelynn Trout
Miss Alpha Chi Omega – Sophomore 
“My social impact initiative is ‘Domestic Violence Awareness,’ something I stand for very strongly. I feel like running in this pageant will help give organizations like this more attention.”

TaTuCara Miles
Miss All for Queens – Sophomore
“My social impact initiative is ‘Global Health Disparities,’ which is to bring awareness to those in third world countries who don’t receive the same quality of healthcare we have.”

Kameryn Ridgeway –
Miss Student Alumni Association – Freshman
 “My social impact initiative is ‘Family is Where You Are.’ My first couple of weeks here were very lonely because I left my entire support system. I didn’t know anyone coming in, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way, so I want to help students ease into that transition. Everyone talks about the academic transition, but not the emotional transition, I want to help them with that.”

Katherine Bronikowski
Miss Horsemen’s Association – Junior
 “My social impact initiative is ‘Treating Mental Illness from Within.’ Someone close to me has struggled day-to-day with depression and anxiety and you just never know what they’re feeling because it’s all trapped on the inside. I want to let people know it’s OK to talk about it and someone can help them.”

Corie Matura –
Miss Fashion Merchandising Club – Senior
 “My social impact initiative is ‘Social Reasonability in the Fashion Industry.’ Clothes get thrown away in other countries thus polluting their water supply and causing diseases. Workers are locked in sweatshops working long hours with no breaks. I want to bring awareness to this. It has been something I’ve been advocating for two and a half years.”

Amanda Anca –
Miss Sigma Phi Epsilon – Junior 
 “My social impact initiative is ‘Coins for Cats and Dogs.’ This is in support of animal shelters and raising money for pets because many are nonprofit, meaning these shelters rely on donations from the community.”

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