Hoyt Kicks off Kat Talks with ‘All In’ Presentation

Photo courtesy of: the Academic Success Center

Striving to prosper in your specific field while absorbing inspiration from multiple resources can be a rewarding yet difficult task. This semester, the Academic Success Center worked to build a foundation that will help inspire and elevate fellow students and faculty through Kat Talks.

Kat Talks, a Bearkat play on Ted Talks, encourages conversations about reaching personal and academic goals and redefining what success means to each individual. Sam Houston State University president Dana Hoyt gave the first talk last Thursday, basing her entire presentation around the theme “being all in, every day.”

In a 20 to 30-minute Ted Talk formatted presentation, Hoyt released memorable gems and personal stories regarding maintaining focus while striving down a journey of success. From her recalling working a full-time job at a horse ranch while she attended college to how her attentive and ambitious traits helped silhouette her to be the leader she is today, her speech solidified that being all in with zero distractions can help you become the leader of your own universe.

Though Hoyt intertwined quotes from figures such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to tie into the theme, her own words held a powerful impact that helped see and visualize perspective.

“The idea of no action is not an option,” Hoyt said. “You’re all in every day. Why? Because if you’re all in everyday, you want to continue to make progress all the time.”

Even with the Q&A session, audiences poured a small amount of their journeys into their questions for Hoyt, creating an engaging atmosphere on self-care, balancing school and work, how to maintain an all in mindset while working with others and many more.If you are interested in coming to a Kat Talk, the following Bearkat speakers will be presenting and implementing more inspiration in the Orange Ballroom in the Lowman Student Center throughout the semester: Peter Roussel Feb. 24 at 2 p.m., Victoria White March 17 at 2 p.m. and Drew Miller April 27 at 2 p.m.

For more information, contact the Academic Success Center at 936-294-3680 or at asc@shsu.edu.

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