Letters to Lou: College Troubles

Question: I want to change my major. I don’t think I made the right decision. What should I do?

Answer: Your education is a matter of life. This is an investment of your finances and time. I feel that passion makes people most successful. If you are passionate about your endeavors in life you tend to work more diligently on them.

With that being said, and with careful consideration, if you are no longer passionate about the degree you are currently pursuing, I think it best to exhaust all of your possibilities while they are there. Go out and try something new.

I also urge you to keep the efforts you have made toward this major in mind before you decide to omit those efforts completely. Maybe in the upcoming semester you can take a class concerning the prospective major as an “elective.” That way you kill two birds with one stone. You will get the opportunity to get a taste of that major while staying on your original path. Better that than to change your major only to find you’re still unhappy.

Do not fear change, embrace it, because it is the things we fear that mold us the most.

Question: I’m kind of awkward and can’t create a good relationship with my teachers. What should I do?

Answer: Believe it or not, though you may be shy and think you are not noticed, teachers are more observant than you think. My advice is to sit in the front. Show the teacher you mean business! Be present and as active as you can.

Build your relationship through your work. A teacher will always be more inclined to show favor and give help to a student who tries. Put your best effort forward and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with their response.

If nothing else, I believe in you. Go get ‘em!

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