Point-Counterpoint: Views on Trump’s Impeachment

Photo Courtesy of AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Jordan Johnson, College Democrats President

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months, chances are you’ve heard the news. Every single news station has it plastered all over the TV screen: “The 45th President, Donald Trump, has been impeached.”

On Dec. 18, the United States House of Representatives voted on two articles of impeachment. In early February, the majority Republican Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump, unsurprisingly.

I believe that Republican senators should have voted to hear from more witnesses so they could actually conduct a fair trial.

Honestly, Republicans and Democrats need to get back to a place where they can peacefully disagree and have a common sense of morality. We need to bring morality back to the White House. Since Congress failed us and didn’t do their jobs to find out the truth, it’s now up to us to take action!

What can you do? I’m glad you asked! Luckily this guy’s four years are almost up. He’s running for re-election in 2020 and now the power is in our hands to vote this guy out!

You can stay informed, educate others, help people get registered to vote, and the most important: go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 and VOTE!

Because like Michelle Obama once said, “It’s more important than ever that we vote, not just this year, but every year and in every election. Every voice must be heard and every vote must be counted.”

Dominick Hayes, College Republicans Director of Communications

With the impeachment trials finally over, it’s safe to say that we probably never want to hear the word “impeachment” ever again.
Grueling weeks of cringe, partisan showmanship and grandstanding, only to end the way we knew it would: divided down party lines. Well, everyone except House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

If the recent votes aren’t enough to convince you of this, let’s look back a few years. Less than a month after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, a resolution for impeachment was already brought up (and ultimately failed in the House).

Perhaps this was a scant attempt at undoing what they believed to be rightfully theirs: the presidency (No thanks to Bernie. Sorry man.). Although a lack of sufficient and substantial evidence brought this to a screeching halt.

After multiple cries for bringing about impeachment, our unknown whistleblower comes in clutch for the Democrats. While I won’t explain the timeline here, the rest of the process is majority divided upon party lines.

You know, even after House Speaker Pelosi said she wouldn’t approve an impeachment inquiry without bi-partisan support.

From here on, a Democrat majority House votes in favor of both the impeachment inquiry and impeachment itself.

The Democrat led Judiciary Committee approved the articles of impeachment to be voted on, and Republican Senate rejects removal from office (hope you have a side hustle, Mitt). President Trump is now and forever will be impeached.

While this may seem unbeneficial for President Trump, the Democrat’s failed attempt may have secured his re-election and reversed his “tarnished” administration from the history books.

All-in-all, this entire process will change the way the American people view the impeachment process, they’ll now view it as a joke.

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