Snoop Dogg vs Gayle King: Canceling a Culture of Hate

Photo Courtesy of Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Cancel culture is a big deal, and you probably witness the drama of it unfold on social media daily. It seems as if every week there is someone being called problematic.

This trend targets high profile celebrities, brands, companies and influencers. It occurs throughout all social media platforms, but primarily on Twitter.

The main goal is to hold people accountable for their wrongdoings and destroy their reputation along the way. Celebrities are typically the victims of this internet phenomenon, but in recent cases they have also become the attackers.

For example, CBS journalist Gayle King has been under attack by a vast number of Kobe Bryant fans because of a recent interview she had with former WNBA star Lisa Leslie. During the interview, the journalist asked Leslie about her thoughts on Kobe’s past rape allegations and how it affected his legacy.

People were outraged and responded by flooding the Twitter feed with the hashtag #CancelGayleKing. This included famous rapper Snoop Dogg, who took it a step forward and posted a video of himself threatening King.

His reaction was a representation of how toxic this trend has become to our society. The trend comes from a mob mentality and should not be considered a form of justice. Snoop Dogg has since apologized, saying that “It’s OK to man up and say that you’re wrong.”

People don’t have to brutally attack those who are unintentionally offensive toward others. They should be told that their behavior is unacceptable and have the opportunity to grow and learn, instead of being isolated from humanity.

Many are quick to judge and slow to question the situation. It is crucial for the public to accept the fact that humans make mistakes.

By allowing this humiliation to continue, society is promoting hatred and cruelty towards others. Whether it be a celebrity, politician, brand or company, everyone is susceptible to make a mistake.

The social climate is constantly changing as new generations begin to take part in the world of the internet. People are now more sensitive than ever, this is shown in the amount of hatred that is seen on an everyday basis.

Although no one can escape their past mistakes, as individuals, it is important to take responsibility of what is said online and respect others instead of attacking them. Let’s construct a better community that will cancel hatred and promote acceptance.

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