Finding Love in College is Essential

Love is in the air. Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolates and arrangements of flowers to express their feelings to their romantic companion. For college students juggling work, extracurricular activities and academics, a relationship can often provide a much-needed breath of fresh air.

            Obtaining a college degree is a difficult task to achieve. Having a partner that encourages you in the pursuit of an education and is supportive during the difficult times can aid in success. Family and friends provide primary support for initial motivation, but having a partner on campus who is experiencing the same difficulties is valuable. Misery loves company.

            Some may thrive on working solo, but having a person there to provide encouraging words or messages is always beneficial.

I have observed first-hand the difference a relationship makes by seeing the benefit for each student as a couple supports each other during the semester.

The girlfriend is introverted and struggles at times with completing assignments, her boyfriend provides crucial support during the semester. He assists with homework, they have lunch dates during their time between classes and both applaud each other’s successes. They are enrolled in different majors, but they find the time to meet between and after classes to encourage each other toward progress.

            People in relationships seem to be more optimistic. In a committed relationship, the couple discusses how they want the relationship to move forward, and if they want to commit to their aspirations, they can make it work.

The relationship won’t always be perfect. Two different human beings are learning about each other. Their likes and dislikes won’t always be the same.

Partners could potentially overthink situations during conversations, they could want more frequent communication or could argue over how to handle certain situations in public.

Partners need to consider how balanced they want the relationship to be. Building the relationship helps to find this out. There will always be difficulties, but the relationship will be much stronger as a result.

As human beings, we crave relationships. We have richer lives when we are engaged socially. Having someone to endure hardships and celebrate achievements with makes us better humans.

Here’s to living happily ever after.

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