Letters to Lou: Changes


Question: I’m about to graduate. Is it weird that I’m more scared than excited?

Answer: Not at all. Real life is about to start for you. It can be extremely hard to grasp that the schedule you’ve become accustomed to for 4 years is about to change abruptly. Instead of thinking of it in a negative manner think of this: you have a degree and a clean slate. Now you have the time and resources to achieve whatever your heart desires. In the moments you feel fear, realize only good can come from this opportunity. You will either gain a lesson that will help in your future endeavors or you will get your desired outcome. Be in the moment, you’ll never experience this time again. Be proud of yourself!     

Question: I want to have a serious profession, but I love crazy hair colors and long nails. Do I/ should I have to choose?

Answer: Life isn’t fair. We all want the best of both worlds, but sometimes that’s impossible. It’s best to prioritize. Is it more important to pay your bills or look your best? There are cute styles that are professional chic.

Your best friend is Pinterest. It’s a literal look book. Try to challenge yourself and find things that are a happy medium.

The best things come with sacrifice. The goal is to reach a place where you can dress as authentic you as you can. That being said, if being modest isn’t your style, maybe it is time to explore other occupational options. Something more behind the scenes for the time being wouldn’t be bad.

Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind the grass is not always greener on the other side. If you love your job and the only thing you can find to dislike is your nails and hair; it might not be worth throwing away.

I’d rather be modest and content than flamboyant and complacent.

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