Community Traditions Celebrate Sam Houston’s Birthday, Legacy

Photographer: Ana De León

In honor of Sam Houston’s birthday, the city recognizes his accomplishments, deeds, legacy and impact on the state of Texas. A leader in the Texas Revolution and the first and third elected president of Texas, Sam Houston secured Texas’ independence through the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution.

In celebration of his birthday and Texas Independence Day (both on March 2), there is a march that starts at Austin Hall on the Sam Houston State University campus and proceeds to Houston’s grave in Oakwood Cemetery. As part of the tradition of the ceremony, non-native Texans are “baptized” as Texans at Houston’s gravesite.

Houston remains the most honored subject in the city of Huntsville. Houston’s home next to the SHSU campus offers a variety of activities and events to attend that tell the history of his life. SHSU’s campus houses statues and monuments in memory of Sam Houston, the namesake of the college.

“Knowledge is the food of genius, and my son, let no
opportunity escape you to treasure up knowledge.”
– Sam Houston

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