Letters to Lou: Doing More with Your Time

Image Courtesy of clipartart.com

Question: How do I keep the balance between school life and party life?

Answer: A planner! Plan out your week. A neat trick is to not put the deadlines in your planner. Only put the dates you intend to complete the assignments. That way, you are less likely to procrastinate. You won’t be able to afford to miss the days of studying you planned for. You also will probably not go through the trouble of checking to see when all your assignments are due.

If you plan accordingly, the weekend can be yours. A little discipline will have you feeling accomplished at the end of the week and free during the weekend. Keep in mind, some things you’ll have to miss for the sake of your priorities, but fun will always be there.

Question: How do I get active in school? Where do I start? I’m super scared.

Answer: Determine your interests. What are you passionate about? What can you add to an organization? Then network: look on your school website, ask friends and ask around the school. Jump in! It will never appear easy peasy, but if you’d like to be active, you’ll regret you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to do so. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Start off with one, see how things go. Build from there. I’m sure you’ll do great, this time next year you’ll be a connoisseur of organizations.

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