Online Operations Responds to Remote Schooling Concerns

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, Sam Houston State University will be moving all classes online on March 23 for the safety of all students, faculty and staff.

Executive Director for Online Operations, Ruth Chisum, said faculty and staff should keep their normal class routine, but to do so virtually.

“We are recommending that faculty utilize tools that they have already leveraged in the past,” Chisum said. “We also recommend that both faculty and students keep their normalized schedules so as to minimize the effects of the change.”

The main concern of the campus community is whether our technology is ready to handle the transition to remote delivery.

“We license industry-standard technology and top of the line tools,” Chisum said. “We anticipate that even robust technologies may experience periods of heavy usage, considering that thousands across the nation will be leveraging them for the remainder of the semester.”

Chisum asks that everyone be patient during this time. The department has been working with faculty to make sure this transition is as easy as possible.

“We have been working with faculty all week,” Chisum said. “The sense that we have received from them is that they are doing everything possible to make the best out of this situation for their students.”

Chisum said the institution’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has brought the community together and that SHSU students, faculty and staff will get through this. 

“Change is not always easy, especially when it is unexpected,” Chisum said. “However, I am confident in the resilience of the SHSU students and instructors, and I know that they are going to make the best of this situation.”

For more information and updates about the transition to online classes, visit the SHSU website at

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