Quarantine Delicacy: Ramen Funnel Cake

Photo credit: Ariole Jones

POV: You’re sitting on your couch watching TV when suddenly you get hungry. You go to the refrigerator and find a bag of grapes and a jug of water, then what do you do? Probably cry.

This COVID-19 coronavirus quarantine has been such a scary time, but also a time of opportunity to get creative and try new things. I decided to do something different with my food options, being that people are buying 10 packs of beef at a time and avocados are $1.50 each. There must be a “Corona Cook-off” I’m unaware of.

I also found that people are not buying ramen noodles, the cheapest delicacy that stores have to offer. Lucky for me, I was able to purchase a pack of 20 for five dollars. That’s at least two weeks worth of lunch and dinner and it only cost me half of my paycheck.

So far, I’ve made Teriyaki Tofu noodles, fried ‘Noodle’ noodles, Vegetable Medley noodles and the regular boiled noodles most people enjoy. However, after every meal I crave a dessert. With the number of noodles I have left, it got me thinking, maybe I could make a ramen noodle dessert.

Although it sounds weird and maybe disgusting, honestly, I’m running out of options. I found a box of Hungry Jack and powdered sugar in the fridge and had an amazing idea: Ramen Noodle Funnel Cake!

Alright, here’s how I made it. I first started by heating two inches of oil in a 6-inch deep pot on medium-high heat. I prepared the noodles after mixing the pancake mix and I let it soak for about five minutes to make sure it got all the way through. Once the oil was ready, it was time to fry. I let it fry on both sides for about a minute each and immediately took it out because it started to burn.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering what it tasted like, but it was exactly what you would think it is. The outside was a crispy batter with a fluffy noodle layer underneath and deep in the core was uncooked noodle. The middle added a nice crunch that I didn’t mind but could have done without, but the crispy outside complimented it well.

Overall, I think this was a successful disaster. I would 7/10 recommend trying under quarantine and would otherwise probably never make this on a regular day.

I want to know what you all are creating in the kitchen during this time. You can email your responses to asj037@shsu.edu and tell us what you made for a chance to be featured on our social media.

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