SHSU Offers Credit for Students Who Move out of Dorms

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Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, Sam Houston State University students who live on campus were strongly encouraged to move out of dorms to receive a maximum of 40% credit for housing and dining.

Those students who choose to stay on campus and live in Anne Shaver, Baldwin, Crawford, Creager, Gibbs, Houston, Mallon, Texas, Tripod and Woodland houses will be relocated to a new room in White Hall or Piney Woods Hall, according to SHSU’s COVID-19 Updates page.

Executive Director for Residence Life and Living-Learning Programs Joellen Tipton declined to give comment on the refund process, as final decisions were not made by her department.

Freshman mass communication major Nelle Liliedahl told us why she decided to move out of her dorm.

 “I only live an hour and 15 minutes away, so I figured it’d be easier to live with my family to save on separate costs of gas and food etc.,” Liliedahl said. “I also had heard about the credit students could get back for moving out.”

Beginning March 30, the credit will be applied to students’ remaining account balances. Any additional credit will be applied within the next 12 months, according to SHSU’s COVID-19 Updates page.

Liliedahl said she was sad to move out of her dorm before fully experiencing her freshman year on campus.

“I was definitely a little sad to move out of my dorm before the semester was over since I was a freshman and I hadn’t been able to experience a whole year there,” Liliedahl said. “I also became good friends with my roommate, so I was sad to not be living with her and spending time with her anymore.”

Graduating seniors can receive the prorated amount, minus any balance owed, as a refund. Student Financial Services will process the refunds after grades are posted, according to SHSU’s COVID-19 Updates page.

For more information about refunds and any updates regarding SHSU’s response to the coronavirus, please visit SHSU’s COVID-19 Updates page at

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