Student Government Association Continues to Serve Students Online

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Due to the growing concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, Sam Houston State University moved all classes online and made student services available in remote formats. One student service affected by this change is the Student Government Association.

President of SGA Amanda Lee said the switch is not easy, but SGA will continue to promote student welfare by being the official voice of the student body.

“It is definitely a change, but it is our new normal now,” Lee said. “Our charge of SGA is still the same, meaning that we are here to be the voice of the students.“

In order to achieve their goals, Lee explained that SGA has begun to work with other institutions to better serve the student body and help make these transitions easier.

“A great update is from our Annual Safety Walk,” Lee said. “After sending the report to Facilities Management, a lot of the spots around campus that we thought were a safety concern have been modified and are now well-lit areas.”

Despite these accomplishments, the restrictions have had an impact on what SGA planned to achieve this semester.  

“The Student Government spring elections have been postponed to the first week of school (Aug. 17-21),” Lee said. “This includes the election of the new Executive Board as well as possible Senate seats.”

According to Lee, numerous scheduled events have been postponed or canceled for the rest of the semester. SGA is currently determining which events can be rescheduled in the fall or in the following spring semester.

Lee stated that she is available to answer any questions or concerns that the student body may have during this challenging time.

For more information or to ask questions, contact information can be found on the SGA webpage.

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