Word on the Street: What is Your Favorite Part About Campus Being Empty?

Name: Sadey Simmons

Classification: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice

Response: “I think this time of the campus being empty has really opened my eyes to the fact that we take community for granted.”

Name: Maria Hendrickson

Classification: Senior

Major: Biology/Spanish

Response: “It’s really strange and a little lonely to see campus so empty. It is nice to be able to find places to study easily, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of people.”

Name: Kristopher Hoskin

Classification: Freshman

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Response: “Feels a little lonely and boring. But I enjoy the emptiness and quiet environment that allows me to do my work. However, I wished that not everything was closed, but we have to ensure that everyone’s health isn’t in jeopardy.”

Name: Sergio Barrios

Classification: Senior

Major: Banking and Finance

Response: “The campus is dead quiet, and people are avoiding others which is expected. The campus doesn’t show the fear and panic that many students may feel from being laid off work, but the stillness reveals a peace that can be held. A peace to know that we can control something like doing schoolwork and checking up on our friends if they are in need.”

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