Letters to Lou: Planning Past COVID-19

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Q: How do you see life within the next year? What can we do now?

A: Well, we are in the midst of a pandemic. I believe, prior to this, our generation had not been privy to the harsh, potential realities a time like this can present.

I still feel like we are not taking it as seriously as we should. There are still people having gatherings; so much so, there is a phone number to call and report small non-essential businesses still working and other meetings still occurring. Anytime the government must put forth an incentive to scare people to abide by the laws, there is a huge act of negligence present.

There have also been many viral videos of gatherings outside of neighborhoods, picnics etc., which is sad because it puts authorities at risk who are policing people to social distance, when, in fact, they are trying to save lives. All this goes to show, with the collaborative negligence being portrayed throughout the world, I can only see things getting worse before it gets better. Either the government is going to have to be harsher with penalties, or more people will suffer at the hands of their counterparts.

I think its best, even when the city opens, to tread lightly. There will surely be another wave of this. I also think this is a time to take government assistance and get in the habit of practicing thriftiness. Also, this is an opportune time to take advantage of the leisure time we have to explore new hobbies, acquire new skills or read that book you never had time to. 

Q: I’m distraught I might not have a proper graduation celebration. What do you suggest I do?

A: I know this could be disappointing. I also understand containing a crisis is more of a priority. I want you to realize the accomplishment is way bigger. Regardless of a celebration, your hard work and strife have finally come to fruition. Family and friends will always be there. This could give you time to plan an even more festive occasion, when the safest time presents itself. Use this time to help you plan your transition. In a way, you are super lucky!

After graduation, I normally hear more people feel the need to pursue a career immediately. That pressure can be very tiring. You can achieve your diploma, rest, manifest and plan without being questioned because we will all be in the same state of being at home. Look at every situation in life for a twist, there is usually one, it just takes a little longer to find it.

Also, with prices decreasing dramatically, take advantage and book excursions you can enjoy with your family and friends later on for commemoration of your special day. I’m proud of you!

Q: I want to start a new business and have been wanting to do so for a while. Do you think now is the time for that?

A: Honestly, I would say it depends on the business but more so, no. I say no because in the climate we’re in, people will not be able to invest and spend as much as they were before. The government has had to step in and financially assist people. A lot of people have also been displaced with no jobs or income. People will be more consumed with keeping themselves afloat than frivolous spending.

Nonetheless, this is a good time to thoroughly plan and create contingency plans for situations like this that may arise when you are an entrepreneur. I do believe businesses can brave a storm like the one we are currently in, I just don’t believe it would be most wise to start a business during one.

The starting two years of a business are always the hardest on its own. A shortage of customers could really stunt the growth of your business. Again, this all depends on the business you intend to start. Think of its relevance during a pandemic. Is what you’re selling something you would buy right now? Will you be of help to the community? Can your efforts be better utilized elsewhere for the time being? If there wasn’t a crisis, do you think you would have better chances?

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