Sickness Spreads Through Social Media: Racism

Photo credit Ariole Jones

There is mass controversy on social media due to a questionable trend via TikTok, where users have been making videos promoting racial and sexist stereotypes.

The trend gained its popularity when TikTok user and senior at Carrollton High School, Stephanie Freeman, posted a video with her boyfriend degrading and stereotyping African Americans. The two eventually were expelled on account of the video and will not be allowed to graduate.

Shortly after the incident, other TikTok users continued to purposely make degrading videos and some of those users have gone without punishment. Many say that it is just a form of dark humor and others claim to use this form of racism as a way to gain clout, which poses a significant question: whose attention are they trying to get? 

While the users are to blame for the controversial content, TikTok as a company has not put out any statement about the blatant racism on their platform regarding restrictions or improper use. Many have the idea that since the platform is Chinese based, the amount of unpunished racism is being tolerated as a backlash from “Chinese virus” slanderers. This idea may be a far reach and only influences more racism.

Apparently, the trend is an effort to make fun of certain groups of people in an effort to get a laugh. Needless to say, the content is very inappropriate. There is no specific group that is the highlight of the “joke,” as all groups are a target, but there is nothing proving provocation.

As there still is no definite reason as to why this movement has gained popularity, it is slowing down and losing attention. Hopefully this was the end of it as we start to see the actual consequences of unethical behavior, even outside of school.

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