What Are Your Plans After Quarantine: Editors Edition

Texas officials ease quarantine regulations and plan to reopen businesses for curbside sales this week. While COVID-19 concerns still run high, citizens wonder if they are safe to go out or if they should social distance for a little longer. However, this pandemic won’t last forever and editors at The Houstonian are excited to share their post-quarantine plans:

Tyler Josefsen
Sports Editor

“I’m excited to get back to coaching baseball and playing sports with my friends. It will also be nice to drive around and not feel like I’m in the opening scene of a post-apocalyptic video game where restaurants and store fronts are closed in the middle of the day.”

Sharon Raissi

“Right now, I’m just trying to get through finals, so I haven’t made any solid plans yet. I’m looking forward to getting back to the simple things like seeing my friends and going shopping without having to wear a hazmat suit.”

Mason Storrs
Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Campus News Editor

“I am going to all of my favorite local restaurants to sit and enjoy my food in the company of others. After all of this, eating out is a simple thing that I’ll never take for granted again.”

Ariole Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor

“I think the only thing I’m looking forward to is sitting in restaurants and no more curfew. I’m tired of having to be inside by midnight, but I also have nowhere to go.”

Jacob Courtney
Opinions Editor

“When the quarantine is over, I am going to go to a park, pay off my library dues and then I’m heading off to a bar.”

Amanda Raaska
Community News Editor

“When the quarantine is finally over, I plan on getting a ticket to Finland. I want to spend time with my new baby nephew and enjoy being someplace other than my apartment.”

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