Student Health Center Offers COVID-19 Testing on Campus

Grant Worley

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Sam Houston State University Student Health Center is currently offering COVID-19 testing on campus.

Those who are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with the virus should immediately call the SHC to set up a telemedicine appointment, Director of the Student Health Center Erica Bumpurs said.

During the initial consultation, a nurse will ask screening questions in order to gather information in preparation for a visit. A link will then be provided via text and email so the student can log into a virtual waiting room.

“This virtual visit will feel much like Skype or Facetime,” Bumpurs said. “During the visit, the provider will evaluate symptoms or the degree of exposure to determine if testing is needed.”

If a testing appointment is deemed necessary, a medical provider outfitted with personal protective equipment will perform a nasal swab test which is then sent to SHSU’s lab service, CPL, to be processed.

Bumpurs said the waiting time for results may change based on the number of tests the lab has to complete.

“The time frame for getting results varies depending on the volume of testing happening in the region and state, and the laboratory capacity to process samples,” Bumpurs said. “Over the past 2-3 weeks, the SHC has received results back in approximately 48 hours.”

Students who are waiting on test results and showing symptoms will be asked to go into isolation.

“This means for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms, a student must have no contact with others and not participate in any activity outside of their residence,” Bumpurs said.

Students who live on campus will be asked to return to their permanent off-campus residence. If that is not an option for the student, they will be moved to an on-campus residence hall designated for isolation, Bumpurs said.

While waiting on results, an SHC nurse will make contact with the student each day to monitor symptoms.

Bumpurs said all positive test results require a follow-up and are reported on the university’s website.

“Should a student test positive, regardless of where the test is administered, a report must be made in order to conduct a follow-up interview to determine the extent of contact exposure and mitigation measures,” Bumpurs said. “The positive test result is also reported on the university’s Restart 2020 website.”

The university is investing in technology that will allow for COVID-19 test processing on campus. This will allow the SHC to collect and process eight samples every 30 minutes. The equipment is expected to arrive between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, due to a backlog because of high demand, Bumpurs said.

Visits to the SHC are covered by fees pre-paid during registration. However, if tests are needed, the associated lab costs are applied to a student’s account in MySam. The lab charges $70 to process the sample, but the university is looking into ways to reduce lab costs.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Student Health Center at 936-294-1805 or

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