‘Take it Day by Day’: Q&A with Sam Houston Athletes About New Normal

Scott Morris

With the loss of sports this year, many athlete’s schedules and daily lifestyles have been altered. A few athletes spoke about what has changed and how they are adapting.

Junior guard Zach Nutall: Men’s Basketball

Q: What has changed in your training schedule?

A: Well, now we have more time. We’ve become more self-responsible with school and stuff, just staying on top of classes. We work out when we can to stay in the best shape we can be in.

Q: How have you stayed in contact with your coaches?

A: We Zoomed every day before we all arrived on campus. Now that we are back on campus, we make sure to stay in touch through text.

Q: What’s the mentality that has gotten you guys through this?

A: It’s just the lifestyle we must adjust to now. Some people run when they wake up to stay in shape. We all continue to learn and practice and adapt. We just have to hope that people stay healthy and just play basketball when we can.

Sophomore quarterback Ryan Humphries: Football

Q: What are some changes you guys have had to go through?

A: What we’re doing is somewhat normal, we’re still in the weight room. I would say the difference is we are in smaller groups, always wearing masks.

Q: How have you been staying in contact with the coaching staff?

A: Now that we are full go in school, we talk every day when we see each other working out or whatever we are doing. We talk in position groups. It’s over Zoom, we see [the coaches] every day.

Q: What is the mentality as you guys move forward?

A: We are very positive. It was disappointing that we didn’t get to play, but everyone has a positive mindset, but when we are given the okay to play, we will be ready. We take practice and workouts very seriously and are ready for the occasion when told we can play.

Q: What’s helped you guys the most as you have transitioned to this new lifestyle?

A: I would commend the athletics department on how transparent they’ve been. It’s been tough on everyone, especially the coaches, everyone has gone about it the right way. I know as a student athlete we appreciate that. The best thing in this situation is to stay positive. The best thing is to do what you can control and take it day by day.

Senior guard Faith Cook: Women’s Basketball

Q: What has changed in your schedule?

A: It’s been different, we’ve had to quarantine for two weeks so we haven’t been able to practice much. Everything is remote now that we are back at school. We are adjusting and doing our best to get back on the right track.

Q: How have you stayed in contact with your coaches and team?

A: Since we are testing, we are able to see each other, but we can’t practice right now. I live with some of my teammates, so I see them often. We do a lot of team bonding and we text all the time.

Q: What is the team’s goal once you are able to play?

A: Take it on like a regular season. We should start practicing soon so that will help. We are just waiting for the right time and we will compete for a championship.

Q: After last year’s disappointing ending with the Southland and NCAA tournaments being canceled, how do you want to respond this year?

A: Our goal was to win that tournament and make the NCAA tournament. It was heartbreaking. That was a pretty big goal for us, so we are going to make sure that we do that for not just us, but for the seniors who were unable to finish that season. I feel like we have a great team that we’ve put together and we’re really excited.

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