Word on the Street: What Do You Miss Most About Sports?

Chelsey Norton

Name: Asa
Classification: Junior
Major: Accounting

Response: “I really miss going to the homecoming game. I was looking forward to that.”

Name: Eli
Classification: Senior
Major: Kinesiology

Response: “I didn’t really go to any sporting events, but I do miss the after parties.”

Name: Kennedy
Classification: Alumni
Major: Education

Response: “The homecoming festivities is what I will miss the most, and this year I would’ve been alumni status.”

Name: Iya
Classification: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice

Response: “I don’t watch any sports that are outside, so I’m not missing anything.”

Name: Samad
Classification: Junior
Major: Kinesiology

Response: “This year is my friend that plays football’s last year to show the NFL what he has on the field, so I wish he could have a season.”

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