Keeping School Spirit Alive in Absence of Sports

Image courtesy of @SHSU_OPDT via Twitter

With sports starting up again at Sam Houston State University, the cheerleaders, dance team and marching band continue to practice for when they do return full force. While COVID-19 has altered everyone’s usual way of practicing, these groups are still working to keep spirits up.

Rylee Lauterbach, a member of the Orange Pride Dance Team, explained how they have been able to keep up a routine while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

“We are practicing in really small groups, or ‘bubbles,’ and we are practicing at our gym for 30 minute segments,” Lauterbach said. “Our dance team doesn’t revolve around sports, so the time away from performing gives us extra practice time to work on our technique and other appearances we have for the university.”

Orange Pride practices for the NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida for a title to bring back to the university.

The SHSU Cheer Squad also practices to compete in Daytona. They compete for the National Cheerleaders Association every year.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, both teams were unable to make an appearance and bring home titles this year, so they must be ready to show out at the 2021 event.

As for the marching band, their practices are a little different since they have the entire football field as a practice space.

“We practice pretty normal,” marching band member Steve Molina said. “We are required to stay five yards side to side and front to back, and all we have been doing is rehearsing without sports.”

This gives the marching band plenty of time to perfect their performances so they will be ready to go when it is time for them to perform.

Even though things may be a little different this year, each of these groups has something to continue working on, and with sports starting up again, they are all ready to show their school spirit.

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