Sam Houston State Rugby Charges Through COVID-19

Image courtesy of SHSU Rugby Facebook

When it comes to physical sports, nothing gets more physical than the sport of rugby. The team at Sam Houston State University knows that and loves the thrill of it.

Rugby is one of the club sports at SHSU that has gained popularity in recent years. Rugby is a sport that consists of teams of 15 players, eight forwards and seven backs, with the objective to score more points than the other team in the allotted time.

One main rule of rugby is that the ball must be progressed without ever throwing a forward pass. Rugby’s closest comparison is ultimate frisbee with no forward passes and the physicality of football with far less padding for protection. Each game is broken into two 40-minute halves in which teams have to score as many points as they can.

Currently, the SHSU rugby team has been back on the field practicing with the goal of a successful season. Like other organizations within the university, rugby’s practices have been altered by COVID-19.

“The rugby team splits practices between forwards and backs, we’re really just trying to get the fundamentals down before the season starts in January,” SHSU rugby team member Blake Powell said.

The SHSU rugby team has been wildly successful within recent years, including two winning records and two titles to their name in the last two years.

“Our biggest event is the state tournament on March 6, and if everything goes well, [we will] come out with our third consecutive title,” Powell said.

January is coming around the corner quick, and even with everyone having to adapt, the SHSU rugby team continues to work hard in hopes of bringing home a third straight title this upcoming season.

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