SGA Executive Board Highlight

The Student Government Association is the elected group that serves as the official voice of the student body. Get to know more about the Executive Board of the organization here.

Q: Can you tell me something about yourself? Why you ran for the board? What are some of your personal goals or board goals?

Jordan Johnson

Position: President

Major: Mass Communication

Classification: Senior

“I’ve been involved in many organizations on campus including Orange Pride Dance Team, Diversity Council, a student worker, Miss Piney Woods and various student-run organizations. Throughout my involvement I’ve seen and heard experiences of many students and hearing those stories is what inspired me to run. I want to ensure students’ voices are really heard. I plan on putting the students’ needs first during my tenure as president. After graduation I plan on pursuing graduate school and working in the non-profit/advocacy field doing communications work.”

LaYauna Bonds

Position: Vice President

Major: Business

Classification: Junior

“I am proactive on and off campus and love meeting and talking to new people! I also currently serve as a Co-Executive Director for the Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs at Sam Houston! Fun fact, I love eating Wing Stop and Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream (not at the same time though).

I have been a part of SGA (Student Government Association) since my freshman year! I loved the program and also had some ideas that I wanted to implement to improve the program. From a student’s perspective, I knew what I would expect out of SGA, so I wanted to have a leadership role in order to do more and offer students support in all aspects.  

Some personal goals that the SGA E-board has are to give back by investing in the students as well as being that shoulder to lean on for the student body by supporting, listening and informing them.

We believe that every student should know who the Student Government Representatives are, as well as what the organization stands for. We plan to Elevate the campus and are super grateful for the opportunity to be the voice of the student body.”

Saranya Srikanth

Position: Secretary

Major: Computer Science

Classification: Junior

“I serve as the Associate Vice President of Internal Affairs for Program Council, President of Zealous, Secretary for Student Government Association and a Peer Health Ambassador. I ran for the board because as a student, I have seen/heard the concerns of other students and I felt the best way possible to fulfill the students’ wishes was to be on the E-board of an organization that is the official voice of the student body. Some goals I have for myself are to be as efficient as possible in all of my roles I serve on this campus. Lastly, some goals I have for SGA include ensuring the students feel heard and significant, putting in 100% of work into my position and lastly showing SHSU students the importance of SGA.”

Dominick Hamilton

Position: Chief of Staff

Major: Business Management

Classification: Senior

“Arriving to Sam Houston University, I wanted to become active on campus because coming from community college there wasn’t much opportunity to do so. I then found out about SGA and decided to become a senator. From there I wanted to have a bigger role to make a change and be the voice for SHSU students. I believed that if I was on the board of SGA, I could make a difference. A personal goal of mine is to succeed academically and make the dean’s list. I believe that is a way of setting an example for the SHSU students as the Chief of Staff. A goal of mine for SGA is to strongly encourage students to vote, as well as making changes around the Huntsville city to better the safety of the community, like adding more streetlights around campus.”

Cydnii Richard-Daniels

Position: Treasurer

Major: Criminal Justice

Classification: Junior

“My goals for SGA are to have better transparency between students and administration, have more programs that combat food insecurities, and give students a better understanding of their student fees. I chose to run for treasurer because I wanted to ensure that SGA put on events that would be beneficial for the students who are part of SGA, but also for students who want to join in the future.”

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